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I wanted to get rid of my Football Eyebrow

Last January 30th, it was freezing rain and code red for traffic. I fell with my head on a concrete block directly on my eyebrow. I had my eyebrows treated a year earlier and they looked perfect at the time. Now the right eyebrow would become a football eyebrow. After a professional stitching by a GP, I sent an email to Stevens for advice. He suggested: a stem cell injection in due course.

Nine months later, I made an appointment with Stevens, assuming it only involved a stem cell injection. During the consultation it appeared that the price given on the site for this injection was the “surplus” price for a normal lipofilling, but it actually was not that much. I would have suggested to fix the nose folds and under-eye circles during the treatment as well. These bothered me and gave a tired impression. The treatment could take place less than a month later.

The further treatment went as usual and as I was used to: Perfect! Fast, effective, professional and with personal attention. In addition to the lipo, a stem cell injection was given IN the scar and the left eyebrow was raised with additional filling to equalize both. Extra fat was also stored. Before this would expire, the secretary called to remind me that it would expire.

Now, 4 months later, the face is full again, the skin firm, and I am approximately 15 years younger and people politely ask for my driver’s license if I want to get a 65+ discount. The eyebrows are leveled again and the scar is completely gone. Thanks to the stem cell injection.

Best regards