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Dr. Bunaes Is getting PRPS for his burning mouth syndrome

dr Jarl Bunaes himself is a well know, highly respected facial plastic surgeon, having a private practice in Oslo for over 35 years now. He treated thousands of patients and presented at many international meetings about the latest techniques. What not many people knew, he was suffering himself for over 20 years of the ‘burning mouth syndrome’. An awkward, ofter painful continuously irritating sensation of the tongue, gingiva, and inside of the mouth. It is considered untreatable. For some so annoying they stop keeping faith in the meaning of life. Fortunately, dr Jarl Bunaes was capable of dealing with it while doing his work and being a true sportive family man.

At an international meeting, he was witnessing Jerome Stevens, a plastic surgeon from the Netherlands, telling about the potential of PRPS, Platelet Rich Plasma + STROMA, the body’s own repair system. And how it could be transferred from one spot to another. Remarkable results of repair were presented. Scientifically supported and peer-reviewed published in different international journals. Also, 1 case of another burning mouth patient being successfully treated was presented. She had her pain reduced from 8/10 to less than 2-3/10 after three treatment sessions. He was triggered immediately, both as a professional as well as for his own potential personal benefit. He took the MasterClass and not only started treating patients in his own clinic but came over to Rotterdam and got treatment for PRPS in his tongue and the gingiva.

Watch the video for his remarkable story.