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Skin damage

Ugly scars

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Scar after removal of naevus

After removing 2 moles on a young woman’s shin, dark hyperpigmented scars appeared that did not improve in color and texture (photo taken 8 months after the original procedure).

1 Treatment with only SVF (i.e. repair cells + matrix) as explained above.

After 6 weeks there was suddenly a clear healing trend.

A astonishing boost of the repair reaction with more normal skin was accomplished within 6 to 12 weeks after only 1 treatment of 45 minutes with only body repair cells (without PRP).

Scar after TCA peeling cheek

This damage from a TCA peel that left long-lasting redness in the center of the cheek, had not improved on standard cream treatment for more than 8 months.

Within 6 weeks after 1 treatment with SVF, an improvement in skin quality was immediately visible.

The skin was still itchy and felt tight.

  • Within 12 weeks after 1 treatment with 100% body’s own repair cells, the skin was almost normal in color and texture
  • The repair had taken place on all layers of damaged skin, deep and superficial
  • The skin no longer itched and tugged and felt softer and more supple, similar to the skin around it

Patient stories

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Skin damage

Dr. Bunaes Is getting PRPS for his burning mouth syndrome

dr Jarl Bunaes himself is a well know, highly respected facial plastic surgeon, having a private practice in Oslo...
Skin damage

I wanted to get rid of my Football Eyebrow

The eyebrows are leveled again and the scar is completely gone. Thanks to the stem cell injection.

Scientific foundation

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Over the past 10 years, many peer-reviewed publications, written by our own research teams, have appeared on findings from the lab and clinical practice.

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