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Skin damage

Irradiated skin

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Irradiated skin

  • Irradiated skin after breast malignancy
  • Exhausted all regular hospital treatment
  • A tight, dark, pulling skin after (a very successful) reconstruction of the right breast
  • A flashy large scar in the middle of the clevage
  • People said there would be no more treatment options?

Although there is almost no normal blood flow in the shattered tissue, after 1 session with PRPS:

  • the skin tans
  • the suppleness of the skin improves
  • the tightness decreases

After only 2 treatments with PRPS:

  • the skin has improved even more
  • has more flexibility, feels more normal, moves more normally
  • the skin color is especially becoming more and more normal
  • IT CAN REALLY repair damage that has not been considered to be correctable until now
  • however, sometimes several steps are necessary, especially if the damage is more serious
  • If the damage is not very serious, 1 session of PRPS may be sufficient.
  • Several examples show very serious damage, such as, these images with deeply irradiated skin, which requires several sessions of PRPS.
  • Every round of PRPS gives about 20 to 25% improvement and makes all soft tissue damage from all different types of cells visible as here on the skin, but also in deeper layers where you cannot see damage, but can feel it.

Scientific foundation

Do you want to read more scientific studies?

Over the past 10 years, many peer-reviewed publications, written by our own research teams, have appeared on findings from the lab and clinical practice.

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