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Skin damage

During surgery

PRPSclinics provides treatment. Plan an online consultation with a specialist to learn more.

New research

Lipofilling provides filling and repair of tissue damage. It fascinates Dr. Jeroen Stevens and his team that adding more repair cells also gives more repair than you see after normal lipofilling, especially of the skin of an aging face.

With the approval of the CCMO, Dr. Stevens and his team have now investigated the possibility of this being true and, if so, how much additional effect may be expected.

Recently, 36 women have taken part in this revolutionary study on the degree of improvement in facial skin quality with high-resolution photography and epidermal elasticity measurements. Keep an eye on us! You will receive a detailed explanation of the research results found within 3 to 6 months.

Scientific foundation

Do you want to read more scientific studies?

Over the past 10 years, many peer-reviewed publications, written by our own research teams, have appeared on findings from the lab and clinical practice.

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