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PRPS against arthrosis of the knee

PRS appears to cause an average of 28% less pain within 6 to 12 weeks in knee wear complaints (deltaVAS from 4.8 pain before treatment to 3.0 pain after the injection, p <0.01). Measured by an independent orthopedic surgeon, published in the anniversary edition of Applied Sciences, BioSciences and BioEngeneering, MDPI.

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PRS and Stem cells in Orthopaedics

A Dutch / Polish team publishes a chapter in the book Bio Orthopedics about stem cells and PRS. The first experience with PRS in the knee is also published.

Konrad Slynarski has been presenting his experiences of 100 knees treated with PRS at a large conference.

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PRP and Lipofilling of the face, the 1st study of this kind in the world ever!

A world first: the publication of a CCMO-approved, prospectively randomized study on the effect of PRP on lipofilling has been completed. After 5 years of hard work, Dr JC Willemsen will obtain his PhD on this subject at the UMCG under the supervision of Dr HP Stevens, prod.dr B vd Lei and Prof.dr M Harmsen.

Conclusion: PRP provides approximately 30% faster wound healing. Epidermal elasticity was not improved significantly but very likely (possibly due to some dropouts during follow-up?).

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PRS helps against Alopecia Androgenetica

PRS injected at the level of the hair root restores the damage that appears to be present in this process when hair loss begins.

More hair per hair follicle, new hair from a supposedly dead hair root, PRS has an average of 20% more hair density within 6 to 12 weeks without the use of hormones.

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Lipofilling for the treatment of painful, scarred skin

Lipofilling has been shown to heal painful, drug-unresponsive and scarred skin.
A report by an independent pain anesthetist.

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Stem Cells can modulate scar tissue

Adipose Tissue-Derived Stromal Cells (eg Stem Cells or Stroma) influence wound healing by enhancing angiogenesis, modulating inflammation, and remodeling the extracellular matrix.

In particular, our SVF isolation procedure is compared to alternative techniques, and its potential in the treatment of scar-tissue and scar tissue remodeling is discussed.

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PRS to support the treatment of the peri-anal fistula

Instead of 55%, of the first 18 patients with a fistula, 89% were now completely cured!
When checked after 6 months with EM MRI, they were completely healed and only normal skin was visible without 1 trace of scar! See here the research poster presented at a large international conference (in collaboration with Erasmus MC, Rotterdam).

Longer-term studies are, of course, needed (and are currently being conducted) before a final judgment on this new approach can be made.

More information can be obtained from Dr. Eelco de Graaf, General Surgeon, IJsselland Hospital, Rotterdam.

Basic research into the function of the matrix of subcutaneous tissue.

The matrix (the blood vessel-connective tissue network) originating from subcutaneous tissue has an important function in wound healing: it fascilitates a slow release of absorbed signal substances.

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Thesis on PRP and lipofilling

5 years of scientific work bundled into a thesis. Joep Willemsen deserves a great compliment: persistent ‘until the period after the last word’ (our one-liner). With me as co-supervisor and Joep as researcher of the methods, we apply in practice: lifting, lipofilling and PRP. Prof Berend vd Lei (plasticist) and Prof Marco Harmsen (medical biology, RUG) supervised his lab and writing work.Conclusion: better insight into exactly how wound healing works at the cellular level and the signaling substances that are sent in between! PRP shortens the recovery time of lipofilling by 30%!

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The latest scientific insights about lipofilling

In the Dutch Magazine for Plastic Surgery (the Dutch magazine of the scientific association of which all Dutch plastic surgeons are members) the latest developments are shared every month. Dr. Jeroen Stevens was invited to write an overview story about the latest scientific insights about lipofilling.

Read along and you will know what the plastic surgeon knows.

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Listen to the podcast

The Journal Club of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery magazine reviewed our article on the effect of PRP on lipofilling.

Click on this link and listen to this podcast yourself: the article is very highly rated and the conclusion is particularly good!

Platelet Rich Plasma

A leading international American journal for plastic surgeons has accepted a review by Dr. Jeroen Stevens and his research team on Platelet-Rich Plasma and its implications for recovery time and aesthetic outcomes in facial rejuvenation.

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Personal interview by medical student, Tess Bevers, about the professional choices of Jeroen Stevens and how cosmetic surgery led to scientific research into repair and ultimately PRS was invented!

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