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Suffering from an awkward problem due to peri-anal fistula?

Peri-anal fistula

PRPS has a long-term clinically proven beneficial effect in treating these poorly healing wound problems. Visit the surgical specialist in the IJsselland Hospital Rotterdam to learn more.

Badly healing wounds, the peri-anal fistula

A pioneering study was carried out in collaboration with the IJsselland Hospital in Rotterdam into the effect of PRS on the possible repair of a returning fistula. These poorly healing wounds around the anus opening create a major problem that is still taboo. After all, the classic operations only yielded a 55% cure.

During the classical fistula excision, PRP was also made from blood and SVF from subcutaneous tissue at the same time.

PRS with SVF was made by mixing PRP with SVF during removal of the fistula and a mucosa plastic from the mucosa.

The first results were very promising!

Instead of 55%, of the first 18 patients with a fistula, 89% were completely cured!
When reexamined after 6 months and 12 months with MRI, they were completely healed and only normal skin was visible without 1 trace of scar tissue! This link will refer you to the scientific paper published in 2020.

Longer-term studies are, of course, needed (and are currently being conducted) before a final judgment on this new approach can be made.

More information can be obtained from Dr. O van Ruler, General Surgeon, IJsselland Hospital, Rotterdam (click here for her cv).

Scientific foundation

Do you want to read more scientific studies?

Over the past 10 years, many peer-reviewed publications, written by our own research teams, have appeared on findings from the lab and clinical practice.

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