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Sportsman Marc wears out 80-90% of his knees & recovers thanks to PRPS

Ancient sportsman Marc Veldkamp, ​​squasher, golfer, tennis player, shares his story after 2 treatments of PRS for his knees. He was half lame after years of top sport, was unable to stretch his knees and had serious limitations.

July 9, 2017 he writes this:

The decision is made. Next Tuesday recovering surgery on the right knee by Doctor Jeroen Stevens. I waited a long time after my 1st knee operation in 2007, where the orthopedist said that my knees were 80 to 90% worn out and that I would have an artificial knee within 5 to 10 years with my sports addiction (preferably exercising 6 times a week). Believing that advancing technology would help me in the long run, I waited and I continued to exercise (with more policy) and I benefited greatly from core stability exercises. Until 2 months ago, I started talking to … and she pointed out to me the new technique applied by Jeroen. Recovery takes place with the insertion in the knee of the body’s own substances that cause the growth of cartilage. I look forward to the result !!

Follow his recovery from thenhis first games of squash at the NK and read his Knee update 2.3 – day 24 here

I golfed 9 holes the day before yesterday, never once felt the need to sit down, normally I would have done that at the 4th hole already. This morning I walked for an hour in the rain🌧️🌧️🌧️. Equal Himalaya equipment (jacket, pants and shoes) tested and approved. Running training has to start now, otherwise I won’t keep up with Robert next year 😬. Furthermore, delicious about 5 times tennis and every other day some core stability done 💪💪💪. Soon I can go back to the squash court against Doctor Jeroen, he can experience the effect of his treatment himself 😜.

A true PRS ambassador for the knee!