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Golfpro after 5 years of distress gets pain-free after 1x PRPS

The left knee is actually just fantastic. I am a golf teacher and have not been able to practice half a swing of the pain on my left knee for fifteen minutes the last five years and after the injection I have been completely pain free for a year !!! Now I’m playing golf and surfing with no problem again.
So from pain bewteen 7 and 8 to 0, which in my eyes is nothing short of spectacular!

In my right hip I seemed to feel hardly any difference, but it is true that I have not taken painkillers for a year and previously almost three times a week so also progression. It is not like the knee, but would say improvement in the level of pain from 8 to 4.

I was with you for a consultation last Monday, another six months after the first treatment and I would like to meet again for a repeat injection in the right hip and left knee. I want to stay ahead of the risk of the pain coming back and after having intensively sported and worked as a golf teacher again I feel some discomfort coming back. You explained to me earlier that if all the damage that I had was not completely repaired, then intensive exercise could give rise to new complaints again. Looking forward to ‘repairing myself with my PRPS’ with confidence, because I naturally want to stay active with my sport.