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70+ wants to continue exercising like he always has been doing

The sporty Mr. M with knee complaints, tells about his experience with PRS.

On December 17, 2019 I got another intervention from you with the PRS system, which also happened in May 2018 with great results. I just want to outline what was going on back then. I am a passionate athlete who has been working out for 10 hours a week all my life. Running, half marathons, 2 whole marathons, table tennis competition, tennis competition and all this besides my work. My knees bothered me, walking became more difficult and I occasionally hopped on the tennis court and after an operation I was advised to use Ostenil Plus. Running was no longer possible, but tennis was still possible and it helped for a few months. I was not very agile on the track and often had to hold back and hop. I also played with two sturdy braces. It was not ideal but I could live with it. I then got in touch with you via Dr. van Dijck, from the Medinova Clinic Breda, and was forwarded to the Holystaete Clinic in Vlaardingen. I was eligible for a test track and then I treated you with your PRS system. Had 2 thick knees for 4 days with little pain. After a few weeks play tennis again with braces and NO more pain. After a few months without braces, I went without feeling any pain, unbelievable. Again played tournaments and sometimes 10 to 15 games in 2 weeks WITHOUT PAIN and very agile. Running was no longer possible and when I have to work on my knees when cutting the grass, I noticed that it was a bit painful when walking, so I didn’t do it anymore. The MRI showed that the cartilage had improved and the bone contained less fluid, which is very good. It is now about 18 months later and it seemed advisable to undergo the same PRS treatment again, a kind of maintenance, because I occasionally noticed minor irritation. My wish / hope is now that the cartilage and bone will get even better and look forward to the treatment on December 17th. Perhaps nice to mention that I am already 76 years old and still a passionate sport, with great pleasure!

With kind regards,