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Pain in your knee?

Aching joints?

Want to stop taking painkillers?

Treatment of 1 hour.

Discover the power or PRPS

What is troubling you?

Peri-anal fistula

PRPS has become preferred adjuvans in Dutch hospitals for treating complex peri-anula fistula, increasing closure rate from 55% to 89% (peer reviewed & published).


More information

Pain? Aching joints? Scars?

PRPS is your ‘own repair system’.
PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. The S refers to STROMA, repair cells (capable of doing the actual work) when attached to small blood vessels. PRP+S can help you by simply ‘repairing the damage’ instead of suppressing the pain it causes with medication.

Do you want to know more about why PRPS is better than what previously was called Stem cells?  Then make an online appointment now with the doctor of your choice.

Join Bob during the process
Watch the animation to see how innovative and simple this idea really is!

Patient stories

Discover the big benefits of PRPS, and what it can do for your health.


Joint pain

Have I been living with a wrist splint for 3y for nothing?

A treatment of only 45 minutes under local anesthesia was needed to reduce her pain significantly within 2 to 6 weeks.
Joint pain

Sportsman Marc wears out 80-90% of his knees & recovers thanks to PRPS

Ancient sportsman Marc Veldkamp, ​​squasher, golfer, tennis player, shares his story after 2 treatments of PRPS.
Skin damage

Dr. Bunaes Is getting PRPS for his burning mouth syndrome

dr Jarl Bunaes himself is a well know, highly respected facial plastic surgeon, having a private practice in Oslo...

Netherlands works from MFIV Rotterdam-Vlaardingen

More information about Medisch Fascilitair Instituut Vlaardingen, a reliable partner for more than 10 years, can be found on their own website.

Address of MFIV Rotterdam-Vlaardingen
Churchillsingel 472, 3137 XB Vlaardingen, Netherlands

Parties involved in scientific research into PRPS treatments

Find more information about the scientific foundation of the treatment on this page.

Want to refer your client to PRPSclinics?

Do you wish to get your client treated by the specialists of PRPSclinics? Here you can find the information to make a successful referral.